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Study Mission on Cultivated Forests in Mozambique

Maputo, Nampula, Mecaburi et Johannesburg, Mozambique

Interco accompanied the Nouvelle-Aquitaine delegation in the Study Mission of Cultivated Forests in Mozambique in 2014, in order to know the global scheme from planting to processing including the export of wood. Also, the participants had as a second objective to know well who plants, how and why they do it.

From November 9-16, 2014, participants met with various regional actors to learn about the timber-forestry sector in Johannesburg, Maputo, Nampula and Mecaburi. In Maputo, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Agriculture with a professional from the Ministry’s land and forest office who explained forestry in general: the management of public and private forest policy in Mozambique, social aspects and environmental aspects.

In Johannesburg the delegation met with fellow citizen Guillaume Furri, Counselor for Agricultural Affairs at the South African Embassy. Finally, they met with the Provincial Director of Agriculture in Nampula to understand forest management at the provincial level.

The mission was a success as it met the objectives set by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region actors.