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Partnership between Chile and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region – Multi-sector

Chili et France Hosting Delegates

In recent years, we have welcomed Chilean professionals at different trade shows such as Vinitech-Sifel and Aquitanima. Also, we have welcomed about 50 Chilean high school students from the agricultural and tourism sector in regional and professional sheep farming establishments.

Interco has been collaborating for more than 8 years with Chile and the region of Aracaunía (South of the country) in different sectors: training/education, forest/wood, viticulture, sheep breeding, sustainable construction.

Our Chilean institutional partners are : the Regional Government of Araucania; the Catholic University of Temuco; the Autonomous University of Temuco; the Municipality of Traiguen; the Chilean Ministry of Education through the SEREMI de Educación de l’Araucania; CONAF Araucania; and the public high schools.

Our other different partners are : Association of Sheep of Araucania Chile, federations, winegrowers, PROTEC.

Following a last mission in October 2014, the agency met with local wine producers with the desire to develop certain techniques and technologies. Indeed, this small production area (100ha), has a strong potential for development.

The particularly harsh climatic conditions lead to a need for special techniques and know-how; producers need training (staff), technical expertise, and investment in materials and equipment. Moreover, the Araucania region is a priority in terms of international tourism development, and wine producers want to position themselves quickly by creating a wine route. The wines currently produced have an interesting market positioning: Vina Aquitania or Clos des fous (100% export on a 25 euro positioning).

In 2015, a technical mission to Aquitaine was organized in collaboration with the Catholic University of Temuco. They met with the Wine-producing high school of Blanquefort, the ISVV and Bordeaux Sciences Agro.