Sectors of Expertise

INTERCO is at the service of the international economic development of the region’s sectors with the simple mission of promoting all the territories of Nouvelle-Aquitaine abroad.


6 million

84 000

27 million
tourists per year

Nouvelle-Aquitaine: the largest region in France with tremendous economic potential

INTERCO alongside the Regional Council of Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Known as the “secret weapon” of the Regional Council in terms of international cooperation, INTERCO acts in complement with decentralized cooperation actions in the region by consulting the export area responsibles for the European and International division. INTERCO is also at the heart of the internationalization of regional ecosystems such as SIRENA and a member of the regional export team under the label “Connect International Nouvelle-Aquitaine”.

Our small, flexible and accessible structure, the agency is the technical counterpart for institutional cooperation.

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  • 720 km of Coastline
  • € 22 Billion in Commercial Exports
  • 1stEuropean agricultural region in turnover
  • 1st region in agricultural and wooded areas of metropolitan France
  • 10 cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants
  • GDP equal to €158 billion
  • 1st French region in Research and Development

INTERCO,recognized expertise and acclaimed “International Territorial Expertise” as said by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

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INTERCO, Recently labeled “International Territorial Expertise”, collaborates with numerous clusters and competitive hubs, either through support of their international approach or through reception and implementation of specific programs for international delegates in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine.
With 30 years of experiences comes the established expertise to support regional players internationally as well as welcoming foreign professionals looking for information on how to innovate in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine. It is the growing interest in the magnificent potential of our region that has given us this capacity. (And we’re very proud of it!))

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