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Chestnut Mission Turkey 2014

Istanbul, Turquie Elevage, Maraichage, Arboriculture … Field missions

From 7 to 11 May 2014

Interco Nouvelle-Aquitaine organised the chestnut mission led by AREFLH during five days in Istanbul, Eskihisar, Yalova, Bursa,Ödemis and Izmir. There was a French delegation with 8 participants and a Portuguese delegation with 7 participants.





 The mission had a varied programme: visits to companies and industries, orchards and sightseeing tours.

In Turkey, during the last few centuries, several new genotypes of chestnuts with different qualities have emerged. Today, chestnuts of different taste, colour, shape and skin can be found in local Turkish markets.

Chestnuts are widely used in local Turkish cuisine, mainly in soups, as starters but also in main dishes. Chestnut confit is a speciality produced in quantity especially in the Bursa Region.

Fruits are also known for their beneficial properties, especially for circulation and muscles.

For example, the infusion prepared with the shells of chestnuts, is used to lower the fever and to relax.

Traditionally in the Black Sea Region, craftsmen weave baskets with small twigs and use chestnuts for honey production.


KEY FIGURES- FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

According to FAO statistics of the worldwide chestnuts production every year in the world (1,122,224 tonnes), 71.74% (805,000 tonnes) come from China. Turkey is in third place with nearly 60,000 tonnes produced in 2012.