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French delegation at the Woodrise Business Session from May 22 to 27 in Japan

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French delegation at the Woodrise Business Session from May 22 to 27 in Japan

The WoodRise Business Session follows on from the 3rd edition of WoodRise, held in Kyoto in October 2021. Due to the health situation, no non-Japanese were able to travel to Japan. As a result, the conference had to be held in a hybrid visio-presential format, and a number of events had to be cancelled (notably the gala and technical visits).

The session from May 22 to 27, 2022 (WoodRise 2021+1) was intended to carry out the events that could not be held in October. Two days of congress at Kabuto One in Tokyo followed by four days of technical visits around Tokyo and also in the prefectures of Nara and Hokkaido.

However, the health situation remained tense, and the number of foreign participants was low: a few representatives from Australia, Canada and Scandinavia, but none from China, and Sylvain Gagnon from FPInnovations Canada had to cancel his trip for health reasons. Nonetheless, the French delegation came in large numbers (16 participants), and this was seen in a very positive light and reiterated by the Japanese throughout the conference.

The French delegation had different profiles: technical (CEO and research engineers from FCBA, architects), institutional (the international representative of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, the Mayor of Bordeaux and his team) and business (members of the CCIBG). Interco organized and accompanied the participants on site during the mission.


Planning conferences WoodRise Others
Sunday 22 May 14h – 17h Registration – Welcome Lounge – small EXPO Exchanges with Prof. Isoda from Kyoto University and Dr Tsuchimoto
Monday 23 May

Morning: Congress opening

Press conference

Afternoon: Thematic presentations


Concurrently: BtoB meetings

Tuesday 24 May Technical visits N°1 and 2 Echanges with BRI
Wednesday 25 May

Technical visits n°3 and 4

Thursday 26 May Technical visits n° 5 and 6

Takenaka visit (JLK and CM)

Woodification meeting at the French Embassy in Tokyo with Japanese academics

Friday 27 May
Saturday 28 May

Exchanges on historic wooden heritage at the Franco-Japanese Technical Institute in Kyoto

The mission was a success, and the next Business Session will take place in Slovenia from September 5 to 9, 2022. Interco and Xylofutur will be accompanying 10 French participants.

The next Woodrise Congress will take place in Bordeaux from October 16 to 20, 2023.