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Nouvelle-Aquitaine welcomes 56 foreign breeders to Aquitanima Tours 2022

Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France Livestock, Crops, Arboriculture... Hosting Delegates

Nouvelle-Aquitaine welcomes 56 foreign breeders to Aquitanima Tours 2022 

After a complicated period due to the Covid pandemic, the “Aquitanima Tours” are back again two years later, with foreign and French participants happy to share and visit the various breeding farms and centers. Organized both before and during the show, the tours are a real added value, providing an overview of the region’s livestock industry, and the keys to understanding how to invest safely and confidently. The reputation of the “Aquitanima Tour” established over the years means that recruitment is selective, and the people involved are business-oriented.

Foreign delegations arrive motivated by the good reputation of French breeding and the quality of its genetics, and leave with an in-depth knowledge of breeds and breeding techniques. What they learn in the field is invaluable: the quality of the animals, the organization of the industry, the know-how of the breeders, the innovations, progress and successes of genetics are recurrent elements in the feedback received from participants.

The quality of the welcome at the farms, the involvement of the accompanying staff and the convivial atmosphere all contributed to the many highly technical exchanges, creating a sense of emulation and cohesion between foreign and French professionals.

After two difficult years, the return to the field and contact between participants is aimed at future projects, so that they can mature and take shape, and new ideas can germinate, so that all the conditions are in place to encourage future commercial exchanges.


Composition of the 56 foreign participants present on the tours:

Tour Blond (19 participants; 3 nationalities represented): 8 Spanish; 7 Czech; 4 French

Tour Limousin (12 participants; 2 nationalities represented): 10 Spanish; 2 Lithuanian

Goat Tour (6 participants; 2 nationalities represented): 3 Greek; 3 Romanian

Crossbred Tour  (3 participants; 1 nationality represented): 3 Germans

Tour Bazadais (5 participants; 2 nationalities represented): 1 Belgian; 4 Spanish

Equinov’ Tour (2 participants; 1 nationality represented): 2 Portuguese

Reception of an official delegation from the Diputación de Salamanca – Spain

David Pastor SANCHEZ, Agriculture and Livestock Coordinator, Diputación de Salamanca

Alejandra Martin PARIENTE, Diputación de Salamanca

Jesús Maria ORTIZ, Deputy responsible for trade fairs, Diputación de Salamanca

Julián BARRERA, Deputy for Agriculture and Livestock, Diputación de Salamanca

Reception of a delegation of 5 breeders from Santander – Spain who took part in the Bazadais competition.