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Aquitanima Tours, the Exhibition of Livestock and Bovine Genetics

Bordeaux, France Livestock, Crops, Arboriculture... Hosting Delegates

400 cattle, 3 days of competitions, presentations, auctions and exchanges around bovine genetics. An international meeting place that attracted breeders, veterinarians, members of cattle associations, students and researchers from all over the world.


The success of the event, initially intended for the cattle market, has since attracted the goat and equine industry, which we now also support.

Our team accompanied this event and organized “Aquitanima Tours”, consisting of three days of technical visits for more than 20 foreign delegations around the Blondes of Aquitaine, Bazadaises and Limousines before the fair. An international seminar at the Regional Council of Nouvelle-Aquitaine complemented this ambitious program, which plays a vital role in showcasing bovine genetics around the world.

Days of technical visits

Foreign delegations