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Hosting of a Quebec Delegation in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region within the framework of the Franco-Quebec Fund for Decentralised Cooperation

Bordeaux, France Autre Hosting Delegates

A first delegation from Nouvelle-Aquitaine went to Quebec in July 2019 as part of the FFQCD, this delegation was composed of companies, researchers and representatives of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region. We also welcomed a first part of the Quebec delegation in November 2019, in the framework of Medipolis. The visit of this Quebec delegation to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region is a continuation of this first visit at the end of 2019. Three people came to France from Monday 2 March 2020 to Thursday 05 March 2020: Jean-Michel Garro, Director of Business Development Life Sciences at Québec International (Economic Development Agency of Quebec City) who coordinates the mission, Martin Beaumont, the Director of the University Hospital of Quebec, Elodie Boisselier, Researcher and Associate Professor at Laval University, specialised in ophthalmology.

Mr Beaumont was very interested in meeting Mr Yann Bubien, who has been appointed Director General of the Bordeaux University Hospital. In parallel and in order to complete his agenda, we organised a series of meetings with regional companies with which interactions seemed possible. Mrs Boisselier also had a schedule of meetings, first in Bordeaux, then in Limoges and finally in Poitiers.

This schedule of meetings was proposed to them in collaboration with the actors of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, namely Sébastien Arico, Project Manager within the INVIVOLIM Cluster and Representative of ALLIS NA, as well as through Françoise Jeanson, Regional Councillor Delegate for Health and the Silver Economy – President of the Health, Health and Social Training Commission of Régions de France. Through her knowledge of the regional fabric, she proposed to Mr Beaumont more official meetings, in particular the visit of Alain Rousset – President of the Regional Council of Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, during a dinner on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 and a meeting with Yann Bubien, Director of the Bordeaux University Hospital.

Laurent Rey-Lescure, Deputy Director General, Europe and International Department, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, and a specialist in Quebec cooperation, also worked for the arrival of this delegation and met the members during a dinner on Monday, March 2, 2020, in Bordeaux.




As the Economic Cooperation Agency of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, we accompanied and met the representatives of the following companies during their meetings with Martin Beaumont – Director of the Bordeaux University Hospital: Maryne Cotty-Eslous, President of LUCINE, a mobile application for the treatment of chronic pain; Louis Rouxel, Commercial Director of EXELUS – Nomadeec, the leading telemedicine platform for emergency services with SAMU regulation; Cyril Brèque, President of SIMEDYS, which has developed the following technology: Injecting a water-based blood avatar into a cadaver to make it look as close as possible to a patient asleep in the operating theatre and finally Loic and Benoît Tamarelle, President and Commercial Director at EUREKAM (expertise in artificial intelligence and image analysis to provide healthcare professionals with solutions to eliminate errors).