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Reception of a Mexican Delegation at VINITECH/SIFEL 2012

Bordeaux , France Viti / Vini Hosting Delegates

A large Mexican delegation participated in the Interco programme at VINITECH/SIFEL (Bordeaux) 2012 and more, with a Mexico stand in the International Village. This delegation had concretised important equipment investments at the trade show and downstream. Indeed, the Mexican wine market is growing exponentially and this sector is strongly supported by the Mexican ministry, which allocates significant subsidies to professionals. In 2012, the Mexicans invested in the purchase of production equipment, grape harvesting machines, etc.

This delegation then returned to the VINEXPO trade show in 2013 to present their wines. Interco, which maintains contact with the professionals it receives, supported them in the organisation of their programme and event. In 2014, thanks to the exchanges and contacts maintained, Interco once again received a large Mexican delegation, whose objective was to invest heavily, particularly in oenological equipment.

PROJECT: For 2015, Interco will work on two main themes with the cluster “PRODUCTO VID DE BAJA CALIFORNIA”. The cluster brings together 24 important wineries from the Baja California region. Its goal is the joint promotion of regional wines, investment in innovative infrastructures and training. Each bodega contributes 5% of the cluster’s funding.  The cluster employs a full-time facilitator. The vice president of the cluster, Jaime PALAFOX GRANADOS, whom Interco has known since 2012, wishes to work with the agency on the following themes:

For 2015: a first part with the identification of Aquitaine technical experts who will intervene on specific technical themes: WINE/MICROBIOLOGY

A second part concerning training: exchanges between Aquitaine training courses and the University of Baja California (students, teachers, etc.)

For 2016: sending Mexican technicians for training at the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences


  • Wine-making High school of Blanquefort: long-standing partner of Interco, through Professor Stéphane BADET
  • Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences